How to Prep a Printable Adapted Book

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Step 1: Print out the adapted book you want to prep.

Step 2: Laminate all of the pages you printed. Also laminate a piece of cardstock to use as the base (where answer pieces are stored).

Step 3: Use scissors or a guillotine to cut on the dotted line of each laminated page.

Step 4: (a) If you are going to using a binding machine, use your binding machine to punch holes in each page. Then add your spiral or comb binding.

Step 4: (b) If you are going to use binder rings, punch a hole in the top left corner of each page and add a binder ring. You could put 1-3 binder rings to bind your book; it's all personal preference.

Step 5: Cut 2 strips of velcro for the base page (where the answer pieces will be stored). If there are 12+ answer pieces, you could also put 3 strips of velcro on the base page - or overlap the answer pieces if needed. Add velcro to the base page.

Step 6: Add velcro dots to the square box on each adapted book page. On the comprehension question pages, add a velcro dot to the square box and the two circles on the page.

Step 7: Add velcro dots to the back of each answer piece. Then cut out the answer pieces and add them to the velcro strips on the base page.


Congratulations! You prepped a printable adapted book!


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