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Adapted Book Club will save you precious lesson planning time

while still making sure your students are engaged, progressing, and succeeding in their learning.



  • Bring grade level text and topics to your students' levels and keep them actively engaged in the story.

  • Build language and vocabulary skills.
  • Give those with very limited verbal communication an opportunity to participate more in class and feel that sense of inclusion and accomplishment.
  • Take learning into kinesthetic, build comprehension, vocabulary and key concepts, all while assessing student comprehension.
  • Quick and easy to pull out for a small group or whole group lesson to make learning interactive and engaging.
  • Motivate students to attend and participate in a lesson.
  • Can be used to target cross-curricular skills because adapted books teach so much more than reading skills: cross-curricular topics (like math, science, history!), social skills, fine motor skills, reciprocity of language, and more!
  • Increase reading stamina, or the amount of time a student can focus and engage in text.
  • Illustrate complex ideas, processes and situations in a simple and clear manner.
  • Target multiple IEP goals or one specific IEP goal with just one adapted book.
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What's Included in Adapted Book Club? 


Monthly access to 1,500+ already loved adapted books PLUS these new ABC exclusives!

Adapted Book Club currently houses over 90+ exclusive adapted books not available anywhere else.

Count to 10

I can count to ten themed adapted books. Count foods, snowflakes, and more!

Rooms in a House

Learn the function of items by specific rooms in a house (bundle of 10 books).

Simple Machines

Learn about 6 different types of simple machines,  what they do, and how we use them.

A to Z Animals

Learn all about different animals of the alphabet, starting with A and ending at Z.

Clothes to Wear in Each Season

Learn all about the clothes you can wear in each season (bundle).

How to Make [Foods]

Lots of new adapted books for how to make different types of food!

Wants and Needs

Learn how to what a want and a need are, and what they might look like.

All About Snow Days

Learn all about snow days and why we have them!

Earth Day

Themed books about composting, recycling, pollution, waste management, and more! (bundle)

I want these exclusive adapted books!

Have you have found yourself thinking:

 "I have no idea where to start with implementing adapted books!"

 "I'm afraid that the lessons I plan are not meeting the needs of all of my students!"

• "When will I have time to teach science or social studies? There's just not enough time!"

• "My school doesn't provide a reading or literacy curriculum for me, so I have to start from scratch."

• "Searching and scouring TpT and Pinterest for the adapted books I need takes up too much of my time! I just want to teach!"

• "My students aren't making progress with the reading and literacy lesson plans I've written and I have no idea how to change it up to help them!"


If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

The mission of Adapted Book Club is to provide you with all the adapted books you'll ever need (and then some!), so your students are engaged, progressing, and succeeding in their learning.

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Have an interactive + inclusive classroom library you can be proud of.

Let's face it - none of us WANT to bring more work home or endlessly scroll through Pinterest and TpT looking for ideas and inspiration to use with our students...

...but many of us believe that spending hours on individualized prep is 'just part of the job' when our students are struggling to meet their goals.

This can be especially true when it comes to coming up with activities that students are motivated to attend and participate in. I know first hand the sinking feeling of thinking my lesson plans were not meeting the needs of all my students.

Not long ago, I was struggling to figure out where to start when working on reading and literacy plans.

But once I figured out how to utilize adapted books to better fit the needs of my individual students, I was able to plan amazing activities that engage students in the text where they learn a new skill or concept, or about a new topic, without even realizing they are learning.

And now I'm excited to give you access to ALL of the adapted books I've written over the years (plus a bunch of brand new ones!) to help YOUR students be successful, too!

Meet the Author Behind ABC:

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am the author behind Adapted Book Club and Mrs. D's Corner. I have a dual-certification in Special Education and Elementary Education, with Master's Degree credits in ESL and Curriculum and Instruction. I have a deep passion for creating engaging, adapted resources for teachers and students with special needs.

With 10 years in the field, and experience in inclusion, resource, and self-contained classroom settings, I understand how important it is to have materials that meet the needs of all the learnings in your classroom while teaching curriculum standards and, most importantly, working on IEP Goals... but also having little to no guidance or curriculum to follow.

Enter Adapted Book Club. Your solution to finding the adapted curriculum you need to teach the topics your students need and want to learn about in a way that's fun and interactive.

What other adapted book titles are included in Adapted Book Club?

There are over 1,500+ adapted books included, and tens more on the way! But I know you may be curious about WHAT titles are already inside of ABC.Here’s a look at just SOME of the adapted books you get access to:

  • Real Picture Alphabet, Shapes and Colors
  • Social Studies, US Government + Presidents, American Symbols, US Regions
  • Historical Figures in History
  • Holidays Around the World
  • School Drills + COVID-19
  • Science (Body Systems, Space, Life Cycles, Dinosaurs, Sharks, Insects, Ecosystems)
  • Weather and Severe Weather
  • Errorless Adapted Books
  • IEP Self Advocacy
  • Types of Punctuation
  • Counting
  • Types of Pets + How to Care for Them
  • Monthly-Themed Adapted Books (for monthly holidays and celebrations)
  • ...and more!
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Teacher Adapted Book Testimonials


"These adapted books are just amazing. My kiddos can do them independently and I see them engaging more with the matching component. I also love that these are... converted to digital activities - not only is that great for distance learning, but also whole-class participation on the smart board!"


"I'm not an elementary teacher, but teaching special education I can still use a lot of these... I like that [the adapted books] are now digital. Saves a ton of paper and time from cutting and laminating."


"I can't say how much I love this resource! It has something for every month! I am so excited to continue using these for years to come!"

The Value Inside ABC

Adapted Book Club Library: $2,650+ value
Exclusive ABC Library: $205+ value
VIP Exclusive Library: $215+ value
The ABC Academy: $300+ value

MEMBER BONUS: Adapted Book worksheets $20 value

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